Welcome to Harmony Mountain Ranch!

    Home of Nigerian Dwarf, Alpine, Nubian and Mini-Alpine Goats.   Our miniature, mid-size and
    standard size dairy goats are a great addition to any home for dairy, pet, 4H or show purposes.  
    Our herd has a fantastic variety of championship bloodlines, colors and patterns and have been
    bred for milk production and conformation.  We also have a herd of North American Llamas
    primarily for packing, companion & guarding.

    December 1, 2011 Update:
    We have decided to focus exclusively on Alpines and Nubians so we are letting our final
    Nigerians go to new homes.  Goats available for sale include:  

    - NIGERIAN: 2 Senior Does, 1 Senior Buck and 1 Junior Buck
    - MINI-ALPINE:  1 Senior Doe, 2 Jr. Does (both bred), 1 Junior Buck
    - NUBIAN/ALPINE CROSS:  1 large wether excellent for packing or as a pet!